7 Things Everyone That Has Allergies Right Now Can Relate To


Spring has finally sprung – regular complaints about temperatures have resumed, parking anywhere in the vicinity of a beach is once again impossible, and the Eurovision song is starting to haunt us even in our dreams! Fun spring activities aside, the season has also brought with it some feelings allergy sufferers know all too well.


The Constant Need To Sneeze


Bless You GIF - Frozen Olaf Sneeze GIFs


When you smell something new, when it’s sunny outside, when you touch your nose the wrong way … the list goes on, honestly.


Your New Best Friend For a Few Months



An unspoken tradition amongst allergy sufferers. The first few weeks of covid where all the toilet paper rolls were sold out were dark times for us.


Looking Like You’ve Just Been Sobbing



Yes, I have tears streaming down my face and a nose so red it could guide Santa’s sleigh. And what about it?


Going into Hibernation After Taking Allergy Meds



You give up trying to deal with allergies and finally take a Zyrtec, next thing you know you’ve been passed out for 15 hours. I guess you can’t sneeze if you’re dead.


But Realizing You Might Actually Be Dead Without Them


Russian Sneeze Fall GIF - RussianSneeze Fall Slip GIFs


When you think about it, if we were born in prehistoric times we’d probably have sneezed ourselves out of a tree hiding from tigers or something … if there were tigers in Malta


Convincing Everyone That It’s Not Covid



You sneeze once, twice … maybe ten times, and all of a sudden, everyone’s afraid to be around you. Little do they know it’s just our natural state for the entire duration of spring…


But Lowkey Worrying It Might Actually Be Covid



*Cue thinking about all the people you’ve met and how you’ll tell them you might be sick, writing your will, and planning your funeral.*

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