7 Stunning Photos from Yesterday’s Feast of St Paul in Valletta

Every year, come the 10th of Februrary, Valletta is set up and ready for one of the biggest feasts the island knows, the feast of St Paul.

This year, one Maltese photographer has managed to capture the true essence of this beautiful feast, from the carrying of the statue around the gridlocked roads, to the moment the statue is taken back into the church.

St Paul looking as glorious as ever, roaming around the streets of Valletta

People filled the gorgeously decorated streets of Valletta to join in on the celebrations

Confetti thrown out of traditionally designed Maltese balconies (not a very common sight these days)

St Paul, on his gold pedestal basking the the feast’s glory

The church, beautifully decorated, as it welcomes back the statue of St Paul

The statue being carried by Feast enthusiasts and volunteers 

Photo credits go to Daniel Mifsud.

Daniel Mifsud told Bay that he enjoys taking candid photos at Maltese Festas because they bring out the traditional Maltese element, which, added to the colours and the enthusiasm that Festas bring, make for awesome pictures every time.

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