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7 Of The Most Romantic Winter Cities Around The World

Here are seven of the most romantic cities to visit with a partner during the winter months.



Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands one of the most beautiful cities in the world


While the sun sets early, particularly in December and January. The annual Amsterdam Light Festival is also held in winter, plastering the streets, canals, and landmarks with magical light installations.


Copenhagen, Denmark 

Copenhagen 2023 | Ultimate Guide To Where To Go, Eat & Sleep in Copenhagen | Time Out


Your winter holiday would be fantastic if you go to the area where hygge, the Danish idea of coziness, was born. Copenhagen is filled with such atmosphere, from pleasant hotels, it’s beautiful colored houses and a wonderful mouth-watering restaurant scene.


Hokkaido, Japan

Why Visit Hokkaido in Winter—Even if You're Not a Skier - AFAR


The Japanese island of Hokkakido, is a poster child for unspoiled geological beauty, home to lots of unique floral and fauna. Hokkaido is also renowned for it’s steaming bowls of ramen served with butter, a beautiful destination to experience with that special someone.


Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux, France in winter


Bordeaux is a romantic weekend getaway, with winter being the ideal time to drink hot wine in one of the city’s cute bars and cafes.


Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Spain, with a romantic couple sitting


Winter is one of the most underappreciated seasons to visit Barcelona. Exploring the streets at a much slower pace, fully appreciate everything that this amazing city has to offer.


Gstaad, Switzerland

Gstaad, Switzerland in Winter is a perfect tourist getaway


The village is in a valley at the heart of the Bernese Oberland, filled with ice rinks, tennis courts, swimming pools, ski jumps, and ski and hiking areas. A perfect destination filled with breath-taking winter views.


Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic in winter as a tourist getaway