7 Of The Best Halloween Makeup Looks Of 2021


Halloween is finally here and we’re ready to celebrate by counting down 7 of the best makeup looks we’ve seen this year!



If we’re breaking down some of the best Halloween makeup looks of 2021, it’d be an absolute sin to not mention a Tim Burton-inspired look. Luckily for us, @janiiiceee is embodying all that and more in her Nightmare Before Christmas makeup look! I mean, wow.



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Let’s delve into a bit of a creepier (yet oddly stunning) look… Last Halloween, @beautybyaudz arguably served us one of the best Pennywise-inspired looks, from the renowned thriller It. Needless to say, she nailed it.


I’m already betting that one of the most popular Halloween costumes this year will be Cruella de Vil from Disney’s latest blockbuster, Cruella – but @sarahann.makeup is giving us a spookily reinvented version of Cruella that we’re 101% HERE for. Mind? Blown. Wig? Snatched.


Can we do a Halloween make-up round-up without mentioning @henrygaleaa? Didn’t think so… It’s quite impossible to pick his best Halloween look, but his latest recreation of The Nun from The Conjuring series is to die for. Literally… Bonus points for the look’s creepiness.



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But no one ever said that Halloween looks have to be creepy – and @gabriellegrungov is proving us just right! Gabrielle is straight-up serving us the divine feminine in her ‘goddess of the night’ makeup look. I swear, we can’t get over how STUNNING this look is.


Another god-like, honourable mention is @gaklonn’s intriguing makeup look, complete with an intricate headpiece that’s taking us back to the Renaissance era. I must admit, there’s not much to say when the look is an absolute masterpiece



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Last but not least is a fresh face to the makeup scene, but she’s surely not short of the talent it takes… Say hello to @makeup_by_chanelle, who’s giving us ‘scary pumpkin’ in the most beautiful manner – and we can’t wait to see more of her!


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