7 of Malta’s most colourful Instagram hot spots to brighten up your feed

colourful malta

With the sun in full swing, is there really any better way to spend your time than roaming around the Maltese island, grabbing the perfect shot of the colourful landscape in front of you?

Here are seven of Malta’s most colourful Instagram hot spots that are bound to brighten up any insta feed.

1. Malta Doors

You’ll find colourfully painted traditional doors in locations all over the island, but there’s a collection of them in the silent city of Mdina.

They’re gorgeous to look at and even better to snap a photo of.

Don’t forget to use the #Maltadoors if you’re uploading it to Instagram … who knows, you might get a mention!

2. The Holiday Inn Express Hotel

Doubling as both a hotel and a colourful piece of art brightening up the streets of St Julian’s, this hotel definitely needs to be on your Malta Instagram bucket list.

Imagine a splash of rainbow all over a modern piece of architecture. In the heart of one of the busiest towns in Malta, the Holiday Inn Express is an Instagrammer’s dream come true.

With the sunlight shining on it during the morning, and the street’s lights reflecting its brightness at night, visiting at any time of the day is ideal.

3. The Umbrella Street of Zabbar

Perhaps you’re better off snapping a shot of these beauties with the umbrellas above you, even though they’ll still look gorgeous a top angle; but rain or shine, no matter which angle you choose for your photo, these will definitely brighten up your Insta feed.

4. Marsaxlokk and the infinite number of Luzzus

If relaxing and calming sea blue colours are your thing, you’re in for a treat when visiting Marsaxlokk.

Designed with the protective eye at the front of the luzzu to ward off all dangers that the captain might face while at sea, these truly are a sight for sore eyes.

The luzzu with its typical blue and yellow colours will add a lovely touch of hues to your feed.

5. Traditional Maltese Balconies

You won’t find many of these left around the island; you’ll probably find the majority of them while roaming around Valletta.

You’ll find a different variation of them in more modern towns, but they don’t be made of colourful wood. Apart from adding that splash of colour to your insta feed, they’re gorgeous to look at and do a great job at keeping our traditional architecture alive.

6. Popeye Village

The village that was built as a film set and now lives on as a mini adventure park for all the family to visit.

The area is a great Instagrammable location, especially if you snap a shot from a far from the cliffs directly above Anchor Bay.

That way you’re sure to get all the bright buildings in one shot.

7. Traditional Maltese Buses

You won’t see them as often in the streets as you used to when they were still in function, but now a days these buses are used for private events.

Their vibrant yellow and orange colour will grab your attention from miles away … but that’s not all. Apart from the vibrant orange and yellow, there are also different coloured buses all over the island.

In years gone by each town had its own coloured bus as opposed to a number and you still see some of those vintage buses driving around the Maltese streets nowadays.

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