7 New Year’s Resolutions every Maltese person needs to make

malta new year resolutions

Along with the lame jokes everyone hears at the start of the new year … you know, the “Iiiii I haven’t showered since last year!”, people in Malta tend to hear of so many resolutions no one has any intention of keeping.

Here are 7 resolutions Maltese people really need to take up in 2019 and should make an effort to keep.

1. You shall not drive-it if you can walk-it


This might come as a complete shock to some of us, but if it’s only a few minutes’ walk from our home to our destination (more specifically if that destination is the gym), try walking instead of driving there.

Your well-being and the environment will thank you.

2. You shall watch yer mouth


We applaud you for your astonishing creativity when it comes to stringing naughty words together, but next time you get the urge, please, think more positive thoughts.

3. You shall stop stealing food from other people’s plates


You know how people have that one thing they can’t stand – your food-nicking habit is probably it. If you’ve ordered something which wasn’t much to your liking, stop taking it out on the person next to you.

You’ve made your bed, now lie in it and let everyone eat in peace.

4. You shall not neglect the ash-tray a few metres away from you


Let’s not kid ourselves, some resolutions are harder to keep than others, so let’s set one you’re more likely to stick to.

If there’s an ashtray in the vicinity, use your legs and stop throwing your cigarettes on the floor.

5. You shall be more patient with your ma and pa


The tech world is a fast moving one, and it’s easier for some to grasp than others.

So when your parents, or grandparents, ask for your help on how to use a new feature on their phone, take a deep breath in, put on a smile and imagine how frustrating it must have been for them to teach you how to do something as basic as walking.

6. You shall put that phone away


We’re pretty sure your Instagram followers can last a few hours without your story updates, and we’re also quite certain that the person you’re messaging can wait a few minutes for your reply until you safely drive to your destination.

If you’re out and about, or especially if you’re driving, how about you just put your phone away and enjoy the lovely company surrounding you or the lovely route you’re driving through?

7. You shall do your best to not go viral (unintentionally)


2018 was filled with hilarious videos of people having “don’t-try-this-at-home” moments in public. From videos of people having some sexy time in broad daylight in the middle of St.Julian’s, to the epitome of Maltese driving failures and the occasional fist fight here and there.

While these were insanely entertaining for us to watch behind our screens, maybe try and keep in mind that anyone could be filming you at any moment you’re about to lose your calm in the public eye.


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