7 Activities To Do If You’re Single On Valentine’s Day


#1 Stay in and pamper yourself


Take this opportunity to focus on yourself. Take a long bath, do a face mask, paint your nails or do anything that makes you feel like yourself again. You deserve a you-day.


#2 Bake a chocolate cake (or any cake of your liking!)


Make a delicious dessert, just for yourself! No sharing. You can either go for an easy recipe to soothe your tastebuds or challenge yourself with a new recipe! There are plenty of recipes one can try out.


#3 Host a singles-only dinner party


No couples allowed. If all of your friends are taken, then let them know to dedicate the 13th for you and hang out together. If all of your friends are single – even better! Spending time with friends is a great celebration of love that doesn’t involve romance.


#4 Plan a date with your best friend


Best friend love is something to celebrate! Get dressed up, go to a fancy restaurant, and order off the special Valentine’s Day menu with wine pairings.


#5 Go to the cinema


There is always something new and exciting to check out at the movies!  Get a ticket to a new film you’ve been dying to see, treat yourself to some popcorn or nachos (or maybe even both) and have a splendid date with yourself.


#6 Eat at your favourite cafe


We have plenty of cute, small cafes around Malta that you can enjoy – even if you are by yourself. The vibes at certain cafes are immaculate that it doesn’t even care if you are alone or with someone else. Do some research and take your pick – enjoy a nice cappuccino with scrumptious snacks.


#7 Spend time with your family


Sometimes, we do not give our family enough credit. There is nothing wrong with spending time with your family and dedicating some time to them. Cook, watch a movie, go out shopping and/or go out for lunch. Love is not just between couples.