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6 Times Dara O Briain cracked us up on Twitter

Dara O Briain

You know a comedian is talented when he manages to crack you up in under 140 characters. Dara O Briain isn’t active on Facebook or Instagram, but on Twitter … he simply outdoes himself.

Here are the times Dara O Briain just owned Twitter with his quick jokes.

When he tries to justify technology

but ends up making us laugh at it instead.

He just manages to turn every situation into a funny one …

We’ll never be able to look at the word billions without giggling again.

He can even make us laugh about a thriller movie!

It has to be someone like Dara O Briain to make us laugh at a movie that leaves you as breathless as BirdBox does. Plus, you have to admit, sometimes the funniest joke a comedian can throw at you is one where he’s making fun of himself.

Giving some amazing career advice to his younger audience

In case you didn’t know, Dara O Briain graduated in Maths and Physics and has written some science books for kids, but chose the path of a comedian when it came down to it.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

His comments on being an Irish person in London cracked us up

You have to admit though … his observation skills are on point.

This guy can give an accurate running commentary on literally anything …

and he’ll still make us laugh.

If he manages to make you laugh through his tweets, imagine how hilarious he is live!

Watch Dara O Briain live in Malta between the 22nd and 23rd of June. You can get your tickets for his stand-up comedy show by following this link.