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6 Struggles any Maltese person with braces can relate to

Oh, braces.

On the one hand, it’s so wonderful that man has created an appliance that’s able to help out where genetics cruelly wronged you.

On the other hand, you’re going to have to put up with some unfair struggles on your way to perfectly straight teeth.

Here are some struggles that everyone with braces or who’s had braces at some point in their lives has to put up with.

Depriving yourself of your favourite foods

Delicious Maltese bread or Ftira biz-zejt?

You might have to limit yourself or cut it out entirely, as bread, Maltese bread in particular, is notorious for breaking those pesky brackets, which sadly could delay your procedure.

Another thing you’ll tragically have to do without is chewing gum- the last thing you’ll want is for that to get stuck in between your brackets.

Also, if you’ve decided to go for the clear braces then you’ll have to limit your intake of tea and coffee as these will drastically discolour your bands.

Oh, and curry’s a big no-no too *cries*.

Tightening pain

Every 4 weeks or so you’ll have to pop in to your orthodontist’s and get your wire tightened – and oh boy, you’ll feel that for hours.

That why’s you’ll need to subject yourself to paracetamol and soup for the rest of the day.


If you had your braces done when you were younger than 16, you probably had them done for free.

If you were older, you’d have probably wished you had them done before because now you’ve got quite the bill on your hands.

Ouch. Better start saving up.


At some point the urge to dig in to a ftira or anything else you have to bite into will be uncontrollable, you’ll hear a pop in your mouth and that means you’ve broken a bracket.

Time to schedule in an unplanned trip to the ortho during your already busy week.

Going to your appointments

The world is your oyster UNLESS you have braces.

Since you need to see your orthodontist quite regularly, that 6-month trip to South America will just have to wait.

Cuts and Ulcers

You don’t know why; you don’t know where it came from and you don’t know how to get rid of it but all of a sudden, you’ve got an ulcer the size of a pea that hurts every time you open your mouth.
… but after what feels like an eternity, you finally get your braces off, you look in the mirror and you realise it was all worthwhile!

Plus, your selfie game is seriously strong. (Just don’t forget to wear your retainer…)