500 Tonnes Of Maltese Potatoes Donated To Feed Half A Million People In Namibia

The issue Malta had with an excess stock of potato over the past couple of weeks, is about to be solved through a humanitarian intervention in Africa.

500 tonnes of potatoes will be exported to Namibia and shared with half a million people living there.

Minsiter of Foreign Affairs said that with this humanitarian intervention, they hope to address the food crises that came from a lack of rain, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Ministry put out a call for the 500 tonnes to be exported by the 25th of June.

Residents of Namibia, an African country with more than 2 million people, are currently suffering from hunger because of a dry winter that only made things worse for residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Potatoes are a common source of nutrition for people within the Namibia area.

In May, Malta committed €400,000 as part of a global response towards the effect that Covid-19 left around the world. Malta was also a part of a humanitarian intervention to deal with pandemic related crises.

In the past few months, Malta has worked with various African countries, to help with common COVID-19 related struggles through its initiative ‘Solidarity  Malta’.