5-Year-Old Writes Adorable Thank You Letter to Malta’s Police Force

Needless to say, the Maltese population is very grateful towards the work that Malta’s police force has been doing in the past few weeks, making sure Government measure are being adhered to, and that no one is breaking quarantine rules, keeping all of us safe and sound.

But one 5-year-old in particular felt the need to express his gratitude even further, in the cutest way possible, by sending a letter to Malta’s police force.

Through the letters received daily at the Police Headquarters we came across this letter from 5-year-old Thomas 👍Thank you Thomas for your appreciation, it made our day🙏👮‍♂️

Publiée par The Malta Police Force sur Mercredi 15 avril 2020

The little boy introduced himself respectfully: “Dear policemen, my name is Thomas. I am 5 years old,” he wrote.

“When I grow up I want to be a policeman too!” he writes in his letter, while thanking the police force for their hard work.

Thomas also expresses his desire to pay the police force a visit once all of this is over: “I have been at home for 3 weeks because of the Coronavirus. When this is over, I would like to visit the police station,” he writes.

And while they receive a number of letters on a daily basis, they did admit to having this one steal their hearts … just as it did ours.

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