5 Things We’ll Hate About Having Another Online Semester (and 5 Other Things We’ll Love)


As the discussion and the debate about the way in which schools and University will operate once they are set to open on the 28th September, and the days thereafter, we have rounded up 5 Things which we will love (and hate) if we reach a situation that we will have to sit through online lectures once again.


We’ll Hate…

1. Not Understanding a Thing

Live footage of me trying to understand anything being said in a lecture



2. Zoom Crashing 184936 times mid-lecture

Kris Jenner Computer Computer Not Working GIF - KrisJennerComputer ComputerNotWorking GIFs

My impatience towards technology went up as fast as the demand for toilet paper.


3. The Constant Paranoia that your mic or video is on

There is no worse humiliation than awkwardly trying to switch off your camera when you weren’t expecting it to be on.



4. The awkward silence when you’re the first person to join the call

We learn from our mistakes though, we join calls a few minutes late now.


5. Lectures in your bedroom

Perhaps it was the pandemic happening on the side but lectures in the same room that you sleep in are a different type of depressing.


Time For Bed. Time For School. GIF - ThatsSoRaven RavenSymone TimeForSchool GIFs



But We’ll Love…

1. Not Having Transport Issues Anymore

You mean I don’t need to leave the house two hours before my lectures start? Sign me UP.


2. Specifically, Parking

This issue gets two points because that’s how important it is.



3. Lectures in Bed

Yes, this was also a point in the ‘hate’ list … but it’s nice to have the option sometimes!



4. The usual zoom shenanigans

All of a sudden everyone’s a comedian (not that I’m complaining)

5. Being able to ignore the lecture without getting caught

Noooo I definitely don’t do this haha nope not me!

Nope Not GIF - Nope Not Close GIFs

And then I wonder why I learned nothing last semester

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