5 Things Maltese Gen Zs Have Missed Out On

To say that the world has gone through a whirlwind of changes in the past few decades would be redudent to say the least.

We have experienced the loss of a number of both national and international treasures that older generations took for granted.

Gone are the days of Tamagotchis that made every Generation Y kid forget to care for their actual living and breathing animal companion.

Anyone remembers the commercial? That poor goldfish never stood a chance.

“Aren’t Tamagotchis back though?”

Yeh, but what parent wants to spend money on a digitised egg when they can download a free app on their iPad?

Here are some throwbacks that children and teens of Generation Z will probably never encounter.

Movie Rental Stores

No kids, watching movies wasn’t always as simple as a five-minute scroll through Netflix from the comfort of your own sofa.

People had to actually get out of the house first, travel to the nearest movie rental store and spend an hour or so scanning shelves upon shelves of movie titles.

Then, you had to go up to the cashier – yes, human interaction was involved – and use real cash to rent one out in either DVD or VCR form.

Prizes in Cereals

Have you ever woken up feeling like a potato and was in need of something to make you feel like a winner?

Well, back in the day, all you had to do for a little cheering up was to pay a visit to your local Amazon Forest, i.e. the cereal aisle at the supermarket, and choose the cereal box with the most promising prize on the cover.

Sure, you could take the treacherous route of pouring yourself a bowl of cereal a day and wait for the glorious moment when you can add Jimmy Neutron to your collection of foldable spoons.

But let’s be honest we’re all guilty of dumping a whole packet of cereal on the kitchen table and scavenging through it like a street cat in a garbage bin.

Oldschool Playgrounds

What are all these safety precautions being taken around playgrounds nowadays?

Before, going to the playground meant arriving home with an open wound on your … well, everywhere.

Crash landing on those sandpaper floors while attempting to fly off a swing or slide was so rewarding.

We just couldn’t wait to show everyone our battle scars and hear tour parents’ panicked screams;

“Hemm x’għamilt dimunju?! Qisek mort għall-gwerra!”

The Maltese Lira

This is probably the saddest item of the bunch.

There was a time where Tal-Lira stores actually had items that cost one lira – that’s two euros and thirty-three cents for all you GenZers out there – and a pastizz only cost ten cents.

I feel so robbed nowadays.

And oh, how I miss seeing the entire ecosystem of Malta on the Maltese coins as I open my ‘ċomba’ of a wallet.

Seriously, what where those things made out of?

Maltese Children Shows

Mini Bugz.

That’s all I have to say.

If any terms or items in this list sound foreign to you, have a quick chat with your elders. They’ll know what you’re on about.

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