5 Study Tips For This Exam Season


Exams are just around the corner, the most challenging time of the college/university experience, with so much to study in limited time.


Follow these effective study tips which help to reduce stress while also improving your grades.



1. Do not skip lectures


It is not just about attending but also paying attention and taking down notes – it will benefit you in the long run. Attending lectures will provide you with the exam material you need. When you prepare for an exam, this will be really helpful and if something does not make sense – make sure to always ask your lecturer.



2. Take notes in class


One of the top study tips for students is rewriting important facts, concepts, and definitions on flashcards. Therefore, it is crucial to take notes during class and afterwards write short notes on paper. Make sure to write clear notes as the goal is to be able to understand them yourself when you review them later (not for your notes to look more attractive than your friends’ notes).



3. Revise with classmates


If studying in groups does not work for you, then try to meet a week before the final exam in order to go over the exam material. This will help you know where you stand. In addition to this, making new friends and forming study groups in each of your classes is also a fun way to study and review for upcoming exams. Studying in small groups helps to develop good study habits, increases collaboration on group projects and teamwork, and boosts confidence.



4. Study in a quiet place


A quiet spot does not always mean at home but rather away from distractions. At home, one tends to be distracted by social media and Netflix or simply want to fall asleep. Therefore a library would be a perfect option. Do not forget to put your phone on silent.

The best study environment is where one that feels the most productive, try out a few places to see which place works best for you.



5. Stay organised


Make sure to place all your papers in a file and save your online notes on a pen drive. Create a timetable to manage all your assignments, presentations, and study sessions, this is crucial to stay organized.


Use a planner to keep track of deadlines, dates, and times so you do not forget anything important. Check your syllabus and highlight keywords. Plan out an ideal time for a study schedule that works for you and do not overload it!



Note: Every student has his/her own technique, hence try to experiment with all of these important study tips to find out which ones work best for you!


Furthermore, don’t forget to exercise often during these times, sleep 7/8 hours and consume healthy food rather than coffee and energy drinks. A yoga or gym session can help with your concentration and focus. Take good care of yourself!