5 signs summer is over in Malta and Gozo

Summer is almost over and many of us will return to their wintery-hectic lifestyle as of next week.

That means 8am lectures (if you manage to wake up for that), studying, drinking buckets of coffee and tea, waiting for the weekend (because we don’t do that enough in summer) and meal prepping – because let’s face it, summer bodies are made in winter and before you know it, it will be #summer2020.

Here are five things that will make you realise that the colder months are upon us:

The perfect rain drop insta photo

We’ve all done it (i’m guilty of this one!)

As soon as it rains for the first time in the summer/autumn, you’ll probably see Instagram flooded (see what I did there?!) with photos of either rain drops rolling down the window car or rain puddles in the middle of the street.

That basically means that summer is over…well at least in Malta it does.

Bonus: If you’re dedicated enough to your Insta feed, you may even wear a scarf or a jacket and snap a photo of yourself with the hashtag #winteriscoming #cantwait; then realizing that after 30 minutes of a couple of rain drops it’s still 30 degrees in Malta – #doitforthegram

It starts getting way darker in the evening

We slowly start bidding farewell to BBQs and long chats on the beach and start prepping our tents for campfires and smores.

The fact that it’s ‏already dark by 6pm makes you realise that it’s better to stay in and watch an episode of FRIENDS with a cup of hot chocolate in hand rather than drinking beer and eating DewFresh sausages.

It gets harder to wake up in the morning

Gone are the days where we switch on our ACs at 16 degrees and sleep with only an oversized t-shirt.

You switch your shorts and tank tops to comfy pajamas and animal onesies – don’t pretend that you don’t have one!

For those morning persons out there, this is a piece of cake, but for those, who like me, hate waking up early in the morning (irrelevant of the season!) … well…goodluck!

I know it sucks – but you have to get out of those comfy bed sheets girl!

Bye bye crop tops , hello sweaters

Summer means we get to wear shorts, skirts and crop tops while showcasing the #summerbody you’ve worked for (if you actually did hit the gym).

Instead we start wearing layers and layers of clothing, scarves and knee high boots; unless of course, you want to get a creative photo for your Insta and you decide that it’s okay to wear a crop top and shorts to go to Paceville, even if it means shivering until you actually enter the club!

It’s now acceptable to start playing Christmas songs!!!

Okay, this is my personal favourite. Christmas is a time to be jolly and by October it would have become acceptable to AT LEAST start prepping those Christmas songs playlists – although we all know that it will most probably consist of Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber’s version of All I Want for Christmas and songs that we’ve been playing for YEARS!

You’ll no longer get any more weird looks from people when you play Ariana’s Santa Baby loud on your car stereo while singing at the top of your lungs – well, except for those who think that playing Christmas songs in October is too early … well SCREW THEM!

Are there any other things that make you realize that summer is over soon? While you chew on that, I’m gonna go ahead and play Merry Christmas Everyone …we all need some Christmas cheer – don’t pretend you’re not going to do that too…

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