5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Netflix’s Ground-breaking Show POSE!


Wildly under-appreciated, one of Ryan Murphy’s countless TV shows is currently filming its third season.

Originally on FX, POSE revolves around the 1980s underground ballroom scene in New York, with the stories of the main characters flooded with experiences of love, hope, relationships, and sometimes, even heartaches. Why should you watch this avant-garde show?



It gives you a wide historic view into how the black LGBTQI+ community lived during the late 20th century, back when the AIDS epidemic had just started.



From amazing black trans women to gay men of colour, the pioneers of the gay movement are full of life, making the most of their situation by coming together and dancing in underground ballrooms, creating the art of vogueing and providing a safe space for the homeless marginalized by creating houses.

Its cast is composed of fierce black and Latino queer actors, including the likes of Billy Porter, Indya Moore, and MJ Rodriguez. These game-changing individuals are mostly up and coming, but boy do they have professional acting skills!



Without spoiling too much, the raw emotions they portray throughout the two seasons will always bring tears to your eyes as they navigate through life’s hardships and triumphs together.



Not to mention the writers’ room not being shy of trans pioneers, such as Janet Mock and Our Lady J.



The periodical costumes, hairstyles and makeup are to DIE FOR! From royal gowns and wigs to themed 80s outfits, the Emmy nominated team, which includes costume designer Lou Eyrich, is providing the viewers with one iconic look after the other, even more so when it comes to the elegant House of Abundance/Wintour’s mother Elektra.



A personal favourite would certainly be Angel Evangelista’s ice princess look, as debuted in the third episode of the first season whilst dancing for her life. Tens across the board!



The song choices and performances….a big YES. Shows based in the 1980s definitely call for iconic 80s bops, such as the legendary Whitney’s ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’ and ‘I’m Coming Out’ by Diana Ross.



There’s no doubt in my mind that these tunes will get you out of your seat and shimmying! Is there an added bonus you ask? Well, certainly! The multi-talented cast also performs covers of various well-known songs during AIDS Cabaret scenes, which even consists of a stellar performance by Broadway’s own Patti Lupone.



It’s a beautiful story which harbours the lessons of love, acceptance and emphasizes the importance of family. This multi-faceted show, at the end of the day, sends the beautiful message that family, even the chosen one, is everything.



After experiencing constant discrimination from their families and the outside world, the characters finally find refuge and solace within their community, as they stick up for each other during difficult times.



Unfortunately, this wasn’t and still isn’t an uncommon situation in real life: despite the changing times, there’s a long way to go, yet this great show accurately displays how it all started and the development allocated when it comes to anti-racism and LGBTQI+ rights. We are eagerly waiting for the Season 3 trailer to drop! Have you watched POSE?