5 Maltese situations you can get out of and blame the bad weather

malta rain

There are 2 kinds of people in the world. Those who love winter and the rainy weather, and those who use bad weather as an excuse to get out of things they never felt like doing in the first place … like

1. Going to see Nanna


It’s your turn to visit nanna but the heavens thankfully decided to let it pour for the day …  so you call her up and just as any nanna would in a typically Maltese fashion she goes:

“Ma tarax! Ibqa hemm ħi ma tmurx tibla xi bronkite!”

M’hawnx bħala n-nanna

2. The HIIT class you’ve been dreading all week


It’s week two into your new year new me fitness regime and you’ve been praying for something to crop up so you can have a valid reason to avoid it … *cue thunderstorm*

Oh well, the gains will have to wait until the sky stops crying.

3. Your partner’s friend’s birthday dinner


You’ve been dreading this for as long as the Facebook event has been up – a whole month. Your partner has managed to drag you with them… until it starts pouring cats and dogs and the perfect excuse not to go has thankfully popped up.

Darn it, who’s going to fake interest about my life, work, and the weather now?

4. Your 7 pm Uni lecture


You’ve never been as happy to see it pouring outside as when you have a late Uni lecture to get to. It’s January anyways, so better stay in and study for the upcoming exams.

Oh, who are we kidding? You wouldn’t be caught dead doing anything but watching a movie all cuddled up in your warm bed in this weather.

5. Any form of Cleaning


When it’s raining outside, what’s the point of cleaning? There’s a very good chance that someone will arrive home and bring all the outside dirt inside with them … so let’s just sit this one out, turn on the TV and enjoy a cup of tea in peace.

The cleaning can wait till tomorrow, although you’ll probably find another good excuse to avoid it by then too…

Tag someone who always uses the bad weather as an excuse to get out of anything. 

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