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5 Catchphrases From FRIENDS That We All Know, Love & Use


I think that FRIENDS is one series that pretty much everybody loves and watches over and over again. By now, you probably know most (if not all) of the popular phrases that are used throughout the show.

This series has brought so much laughter, joy and comfort when watching it and is kind of natural to use some of the most popular expressions in our everyday life – and let’s face it, we all probably hear Ross at the back of our mind yelling ‘’WE WERE ON A BREAK!!!’’. Without further ado, here are five phrases that have become part of our vocabulary.




Episode 9 Joey GIF by Friends


Friends usage: Joey yelling at one of his dates because the woman was stealing his fries.

How we use it: Let’s assume your mother has cooked one of your favourite dishes or your nanna baked her famous lasagna, and there’s only ONE PIECE LEFT. You’re sitting there enjoying the deliciousness topped with grated cheese when your older brother comes in the kitchen, grabs a fork and takes a bite out of your lasagna. Can he BE more annoying?



2. This is Brand New Information

Season 8 Episode 3 GIF by Friends


Friends usage: When Phoebe and Joey pretend they don’t know that Rachel is pregnant when Ross reveals that he’s having a child with her.

How we use it: You’ve been stalking your handsome co-worker all night on your Instagram and you found out that he spent the weekend touring Gozo in Jeeps with his guy friends. Fast forward to Monday morning and your colleague is telling you all about his weekend in Gozo and tells you, ‘’We rented out Jeeps – it was so much fun!’’ Your response would probably be: ‘’Oh my God! That’s totally information I did not know about – must have been so much fun!’’





Oh My God Omg GIF by Friends


Friends usage: Janice…EVERY SINGLE TIME.

How we use it: Your best friend telling you some juicy gossip about a friend you know from university whom she saw making out with your rival’s ex-boyfriend – ‘’OH MY GAAWWD!’’


4. It’s a Moo-Point!


Matt Leblanc Friends GIF


Friends usage: Joey explaining that when something is not open for debate and is irrelevant to discuss – like a cow’s opinion, it’s doesn’t matter.

How we use it: When you’re having an argument and you know you’re in the wrong so you say that this argument is a ‘moo-point’’ just so you can say you won the argument – it’s way funnier and if anyone doesn’t get it shouldn’t be your friend anymore. Why do you need that kind of negativity in your life?



5. He’s So Pretty, I Want to Cry


He'S So Pretty I Want To Cry GIF


Friends usage: Rachel talking about how attractive her assistant Tag is.

How we use it: Most probably while talking on any guy that we like and want to go out with. Or in my case, it would probably be while I’m scrolling through Channing Tatum’s Instagram feed…’’He’s so prettyyyy!’’


Which is your favourite phrase from Friends and who is your favourite character? Tell us below!