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4 Year Old Girl Found Lost In The Ocean On A Unicorn

What a save 🙏


A four-year-old girl demonstrated composure as she found herself floating half a mile away from a Greek shoreline this week. While leisurely lounging on an inflatable unicorn, the young child caught the attention of a passing ferry, which noticed something unusual in the distance.


As the ferry drew nearer, the gravity of the situation became increasingly apparent. The crew was informed that a lone and stranded child was adrift on her unicorn raft. Fortunately, they managed to rescue her.


This incident took place near Antirrio, a Greek town situated in the Gulf of Corinth. The toddler had apparently drifted away from her parents’ view and ventured into the open sea. Responding boaters from the ferry skillfully lassoed the unicorn and gradually brought the girl closer to the vessel, ensuring her safety throughout. Upon her arrival, the crew lifted her from the inflatable creature and carried her, adorned with adorable water wings, to safety.