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4-year-old Elisa needs your help to walk without a wheelchair or walker

Elisa is a 4-year-old girl from Malta who suffers from cerebral palsy, a condition that does not allow her to walk independently. She can walk small distances with the help of a walker.

She was born prematurely at 27 weeks, weighing only 970g. Doctors weren’t sure she’d make it, but here she is now, at the age of 4, fighting her way through her condition.

In order to be able to walk properly, Elisa needs to undergo an operation which can only be done in America.

Eliza Zammit at school

An operation is required for Eliza to have a normal life. 30000 euros are needed to be collected. Only 5000euros have been collected till now. The money for the next 2 portraits commissioned here, will go for Eliza. Book now!!

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Elisa’s mother, Joanne Zammmit, has opened up a Facebook page named Walk with Elisa, and she is asking for your help. The operation costs €35,835, and Joanne is seeking Malta’s generosity to help her raise the funds so that Elisa can live her life without a walker or wheelchair.

Publiée par Joanne Zammit sur Lundi 27 janvier 2020

Every Monday and Thursday, Elisa attends therapy to help her get stronger, and while it helps, unfortunately, it is not enough. The operation Elisa needs to undergo, Selective Dorsal Rhizothomy (SDR), will be taking place in St Louis Hospital in Missouri. Once the operation is done on her spine, she will be able to use crutches to help her walk.

So far, Joanne has managed to raise around €5,000 for her daughter.

Here’s how you can help Elisa!

You can send your donations via Revolut on 356 79592825 jew MT80VALL22013000000050002422746.