350 ‘Recycling Machines’ To Be Distributed By The End Of This Year


The Minister for the Environment, Climate Change, and Planning Aaron Farrugia has announced that by the end of this year, 350 recycling beverage machines will be introduced across the Maltese Islands!


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The Minister shared the news while talking to the Chief Executive of the Malta Resources Authority (MRA), Engineer Anthony Rizzo, about an action plan on the circular economy.



Minister Farrugia also urged vendors to register so that this upcoming system – in which people are given money for returning plastic and metal beverage containers – can be put into operation successfully.


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He also added that he will be addressing the situation of construction waste and said that in the upcoming weeks, an agreement will be signed in principle on recycled stone, otherwise known as ‘reconstituted stone’.



Are you excited for these recycling machines to crop up on the Islands in an effort to achieve greater sustainability?

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