35 Years Ago Today: Maltese Swimmer, Alfred Kitcher, Broke A World Record

A post on Facebook page Personaġġi Maltin, shared a post about Alfred Kitcher, who, 35 years today, became the world record holder at the time, for being in the water the longest.

He spent a total of 200 hours in the water, breaking the longest record at the time, which was 144 hours.

His journey began on the 10th of August of 1985. He dived into the sea on that day, and climbed back up to land 8 days later, on the 18th of August.

Despite breaking the record after the 144th hour, he decided to keep at it, after getting the go-ahead from this doctor at the time.

It appears that the doctor found Alfred in tip-top shape, saying that his health is as good as if he had just dived into the water.

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