3,123 Trees Planted in First Quarter of 2020


Infrastructure Malta planted 3,123 trees in 40 locations in Malta during the first quarter of 2020.

Since it launched its nationwide tree-planting programme in 2019, the agency has now introduced over 11,800 indigenous trees in 80 different roadside strips and other urban and rural areas in Malta.

Infrastructure Malta aims to extend this initiative in other localities in the coming months to surpass last year’s total of 8,719 trees. In 2019, Infrastructure Malta planted more trees in Malta than anyother government, voluntary or private organisation.



Around the trees planted this year, Infrastructure Malta’s arborists and landscaping experts have also planted some 1,800 perennial shrubs, some of which can eventually be trained into trees as well. The quantities, species and sizes of trees and shrubs planted in each location are determined by the arborists, after surveying soil quality and other site-specific conditions, and in line with applicable regulations.



Many of the new trees planted during the last three months are in landscaping strips and other green zones along existing arterial and secondary roads or new roads being built through the agency’s projects. In February and March, for example, Infrastructure Malta added 84 trees along the newly reconstructed Hal Qormi Road and San Tumas Road, between Qormi and Luqa.



Another 196 and 120 trees were added in roadside green areas along T’Alla u Ommu Hill, in Naxxar and L-Imdina Road, Qormi. Other trees were planted in sites indicated By the public in response to the agency’s appeal for suggestions earlier this year.

Individuals or organisations who would like to suggest public spaces that Infrastructure Malta’s arborists can consider for the planting of new trees are encouraged to send their ideas by email on [email protected].

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