21-Year-Old Woman Is Living In An Old People’s Home


It’s a bit odd when you hear about it, but there is some logic behind the idea I must admit.


TikTok user @playboylacroix had taken to the platform to reveal that she is living full-time in an old people’s home. As expected, she got some weird glances thrown at her in the comment sections of her videos. Now you might want to give her the benefit of the doubt, and assume that she works there, but you’d be wrong!



yes, i am 21 and signed a lease in a senior apartment complex. CorollaCrossStep elderly tour

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As she explains in her videos, the old people’s home was the only accommodation available in the area when she moved into town for work. Coincidentally, the old people’s home was opening up apartments to the public since there was a lack of rental homes in town.



Yes, it’s a bit weird when you think about it the first time around. Especially considering that as soon as you think of an old people’s home your nostrils will already be flooded with the smell of soup.



Yet it seems there are some perks which, I won’t lie, would be nice to have at any communal living space. For instance, the moment @playboylacroix showed the free freshly-baked goods just hanging around, I was sold. They’ve got puzzles, they’ve got bored games, and the residents even leave their doors opens it’s so safe!



Obviously, it would be nice to be surrounded by people your own age, as I doubt Granny Smith from 5A is exactly the ‘Club Type’. However, I’ve seen some awesome Granny In Da Club vids on TikTok before. So all you need for a viral vid is a little convincing!