Malta’s weather is the warmest in Europe today

It’s almost ice cream weather!

Malta has been named the warmest place in Europe for the second day in a row.

Temperatures are expected to reach 19°C today, according to the Met Office in Luqa.

The figure is higher than the average summer temperature in Glasgow.

As the mercury peaked at 19°C in Malta today, temperatures struggled elsewhere in Europe.

Valletta 19°C

Amsterdam 3°C

Berlin 3°C

Birmingham 4°C

Cardiff 3°C

Edinburgh 2°C

Glasgow 3°C

Ibiza 12°C

Lisbon 6°C

London 5°C

Madrid 5°C

Naples 13°C

Prague 1°C

Rome 12°C

St Petersburg -10°C

Vienna 0°C

Forecasters said Malta was expected to enjoy warmer than usual weather this weekend, with highs of around 24°C by Sunday, making it the warmest weekend of 2018 so far.

Photos by Robert Muscat

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