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Railway Worker Wins World Toe Wrestling Championship

He toe-tally nailed it! 😅🦶   After two decades of dedicated training and enduring numerous broken bones, Ben Woodroffe, a 34-year-old railway worker, has achieved the remarkable feat of becoming the world champion of toe-wrestling.   In his pursuit of victory in this eccentric sport, Ben made a bold decision to undergo a surgical procedure […]

Two Dolphins Spotted Playing Together In Bugibba

What a spectacle!   A pair of dolphins captivate onlookers with impressive leaps near Buġibba’s Aquarium. Amidst Malta’s scorching heatwave, the likelihood of encountering dolphins in our waters increases, as these intelligent creatures are drawn to warm weather, aiding in their body temperature regulation. Embracing the Summer Spotlight, these dolphins mesmerize us all with their […]

Australian Sailor And His Dog Survive 2 Months At Sea

What a miraculous survival!     Tim Shaddock, a 51-year-old Sydney resident, embarked on a voyage from Mexico to French Polynesia in April with his dog Bella. However, their boat was damaged during a storm a few weeks later, leaving them stranded in the Pacific Ocean. After being spotted by a helicopter, they were rescued […]

Kylie Jenner & Jordyn Woods Reunite Again After 4 Years

Definitely an unexpected reunion 😳     After the notorious Tristan Thompson cheating scandal shattered their friendship and led to Jordyn Woods being excluded from the Kardashians’ inner circle, Kylie Jenner is extending a second chance to her former friend, four years later.   In a surprising turn of events captured in recently released photographs, […]

26-Year-Old Man Dies In Construction Accident

A tragic incident occurred at a construction site near Rabat, resulting in the death of a young worker four days after a fall.         Mohammed Kasem Hashem Alkhateeb, aged 26, sadly passed away, as confirmed by his friends on Facebook. Coincidentally, this announcement came on the same day as a vigil held […]