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8 Beautiful Places In China That Don’t Feel Real

china travel destinations

  These 8 surreal destinations in China will take your breath away 🤩   These stunning spots feel like they belong in a dream world 🇨🇳                 Have you ever visited China?  

Police Department Releases Photos Of New Puppy Recruits

The K-9 Anti Bomb and Drug section of Taiwan’s National Police Agency held an adorable photo shoot for its newest puppy recruits.       Behold the newest and cutest puppy arrivals to Taiwan’s Police K-9 units: Lucky Star, Schumann, Feida, Brother, AJ, and Full Moon.                   […]

Pizza Margherita Voted As World’s Best Pizza

  A new ranking of the “best pizzas in the world” has caused controversy among food lovers, who are divided over its choices.   The top spot was awarded to the classic Pizza Margherita, a simple yet widely beloved dish that originated in Naples, Italy.     The list, compiled by online travel guide Taste […]