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Grandma Celebrates 80th Birthday With Magic Mike Show

Grandma 80 Birthday Magic Mike Show

  A grandmother was granted an amazing “last wish” when she celebrated her 80th birthday with a Magic Mike performance.   In order to give her mother Barbara, who was staying at an assisted living home, a wild 80th birthday, Katie Ingram, 44, partnered with Ranch Hands Cowboylesque to perform a raunchy cowboy show there.   […]

The 10 Most Popular Greek Islands To Visit

Most Popular Greek Islands

  Greece has to be one of the most beautiful places to explore!     It’s the ideal location for a vacation because of the weather, the cuisine, and the friendly locals. Despite the fact that Greece is so large, it can be challenging to decide exactly where to go, especially when it comes to […]

The 9 Most Iconic Maltese Siblings

Iconic Maltese Siblings

  Check out our favourite and most iconic local siblings:   The Losco sisters     Keith & Fabian Demicoli     Kevin Paul & Kurt Calleja     The Micallef siblings     Claudia & Fabrizio Faniello     The Bezzina siblings     The New Victorians     Hermann & Karl Bonaci   […]

The 7 Best Easter Travel Destinations In Europe

Easter Travel Destinations Europe

  Easter is one of our favorite times to travel – so we decided to create a list of Europe’s top Easter vacation spots.     Check out our personal favorite countries for a fantastic Easter break in the following list:   Copenhagen, Denmark     Bologna, Italy     Malaga, Spain     Berlin, Germany     […]

Top 9 Classic Childhood Nintendo DS Games

Classic Childhood Nintendo Games

  If you’ve ever owned a Nintendo – you surely remember some of these classic games!     Check out our favourite childhood games here:   Super Mario Bros     Mario Kart     Cooking Mama     Nintendogs     Pokemon games     Tetris      Animal Crossing     The Legend […]

Uber Driver Donates A Kidney To A Passenger

Tim Letts, a former US army veteran who now works as an Uber driver, unknowingly had his life changed when he picked up Bill Sumiel from his dialysis centre.   During the ride, Bill shared with Tim his need for a kidney transplant due to kidney failure caused by diabetes that he had been dealing […]

Malta Offers 4-Day Work Week For Public Officers

Malta’s Office of the Principal Permanent Secretary has introduced a new program called the ‘Flexi-Week’ scheme.   This will allow public officers to request a four-day working week while maintaining their current number of hours.   Under this scheme, officers can spread their hours over four ten-hour shifts instead of the traditional five eight-hour shifts. […]

Terry Ta’ Bormla’s Most Iconic Moments

We are so happy for Terry, and want to commemorate her most iconic moments which brought a smile to all of our faces 🥳   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by 89.7 Bay (@897bay)

All Movies Coming To Eden Cinemas In April

april movies

  Movie fans have a lot to look forward to in April at the Eden Cinemas. From action-packed adventures to compelling dramas, the cinema has something for everyone.   The Super Mario Bros Movie.     First up, on April 7th, is The Super Mario Bros Movie. This highly anticipated film follows Mario as he […]

Rare Snowfall In North America’s Hottest Desert

A remarkable photo has surfaced depicting the Desierto de Altar, North America’s hottest desert, covered in snow following its first snowfall in decades.   The Sonoran Desert is well-known for its parched scenery and scorching climate, spanning across the northwestern Mexican states and parts of the southwestern US.   With summer temperatures frequently soaring to […]