Tiktoker Insulting Malta’s Police Under Investigation

malta tiktoker insulting police

  Following Mona’s video posted on TikTok, showing herself insulting Malta’s Police, the Police Commissioner are now formally investigating the TikToker 📲     The video, which went viral with more than 21,000 times, features Mona criticising the Maltese Police Force and addressing them with unpleasant terms 🤔       View this post on […]

We’re looking for a New Sales Executive To Join The team

  Are you good with people? Do you see yourself as a good negotiator and a driven individual?   If that’s a yes, then we want you to join our Sales team at 89.7 Bay!   We’re looking for a fresh face to join the 89.7 Bay Sales team as our newest Sales Executive. If […]

Women Calls For “Child-Free Flights”

child-free flights

Are child-free flights the way to go? 👀 After enduring a three-hour flight from hell, an American woman has urged airlines to provide child-free flights. Morgan Lee made the statement on TikTok following a particularly terrifying encounter with a child who undoubtedly didn’t like their travel @mooorganic The flight was 3 hours and I listened […]

Maltese Fortune Teller Fined €28K For Fraud

maltese fortune teller

  Bet she didn’t see that coming 👀     46-year-old Maria Magdalena Sultana was sentenced to two years suspended for four years and ordered to pay a fine of €28,000 after being found guilty of money laundering and fraud after making people believe that she could read their fortune     Sultana was also […]

Study Finds Maltese Roads Are The Fifth Worst In Europe

Study Maltese Roads

  A new study placed Maltese roads the fifth worst in all Europe.     The information was gathered from the Global Competitiveness Report 2019 by the World Economic Forum which ranked a total of 141 countries.   The countries were ranked based on their performance in categories such as road infrastructure and road conditions. […]

Fundraiser To Help Local Teen Who Fell Into A Coma

Fundraiser Teen Coma

  A fundraiser for Maltese teen Keith Carabott who fell into a coma has been set up to help his condition and his family.     This happened after the 19-year-old suffered from a stroke during his football training.   The fundraiser called ‘Kick it for Keith’ was set up by Keith’s friends to help him […]

New Photos Of Ship Sunk For Divers To Explore

gozo sunk ship

All divers rejoice! 🙌   The Hephaestus oil tanker has finally found its ultimate resting place in the bottom of the sea in Gozo, nearly five years after running aground in Qawra during a violent storm in February 2018 🚢   Many divers in Malta and Gozo, who must descend about 40 meters to see […]

WATCH: The MTV VMAs’ Extra Peachy Moments

MTV VMAs Peachy Moments

Which was your favourite peachy moment from the MTV VMAs?    Now that the VMAs are officially over, we decided to take a look at some of the spiciest and peachiest moments from the awards.   Check out our favourite moments here:     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by 89.7 […]

Maltese Climbers Reach The Highest Point In Turkey

Maltese Climbers Turkey

  The local climbers managed to climb up to the highest point in Turkey, the 5,137 metre long Mount Ararat, along with the 3,931 metre long Mount Kackar.     Trail Makers Trekking Group, led by 62-year-old Giovanni Camilleri spent 2 months training to be able to climb these Turkish mountains.   The climb up […]

Pilot Reacts To Passengers Sending Nudes Via AirDrop

AirDrop Nudes Pilot

  This pilot threatened to turn around if the passengers during his flight continued to AirDrop nude photographs.     This was captured by one of the passengers and posted on TikTok.     When the pilot reacted to the situation, he announced to everyone saying, “Whatever that AirDrop thing is, quit sending naked pictures, […]