Car With Dead Body Found In Qormi Valley

A dead body has been found in the trunk of a car in Qormi valley. Police reports claimed that a man’s body was found on Tuesday afternoon after claims of a foul smell coming from the vehicle.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by 89.7 Bay (@897bay) Officers explained that they […]

Couple Transforming Their Island To Welcome Ukrainian Refugees

  Canadian couple Brian and Sharon Holowaychuks are going to welcome Ukrainian refugees in their island.     An old resort in their Vancouver Island will soon host Ukrainians entering Canada, seeking refuge from their country. When Russian troops began entering Ukraine, the Canadian couple wanted to start transforming the island into a refugee home […]

Police Rescue Baby Seal Found In The Streets

Police rescued a baby seal who was found lost in the streets of New York last Sunday. The baby seal was spotted struggling through a traffic circle in Southampton, New York. The Southampton Town Police Department were called to assist the baby harbour seal back into the sea. Residents of the town first spotted the […]

Squid Game Director Reveals He’s Working On A ‘More Violent’ Movie

This guy has quite the imagination…   ‘Squid Game’ director Hwang Dong-hyuk revealed that he has an even more gruesome project up his sleeve.   The upcoming film called ‘Killing Old People Club’ can give you a *subtle* hint about what the movie will entail.   The South Korean director confirmed he had written a […]

Birżebbuġa Victim Identified As 75-Year-Old Rita Azzopardi

  The woman who tragically died in Birżebbuġa has been identified as 75-year-old Rita Azzopardi!   Rita Azzopardi is a mother of two and a grandmother. She was also described as a humble and kind woman.     Rita sadly passed away on Monday evening after she fell from her house’s balcony in Birżebbuġa. The […]

Marsaxlokk Bay Found Covered With Clams

Forget about jellyfish, this year we’re facing clams!    A beach in Marsaxlokk was found completely surrounded with empty bivalve earlier this week    The photos were shared on social media by Alan Deidun where he explained that the shells surfaced “probably as a result of the strong South-East (Xlokk) winds which pummelled the area […]