Laguna Marina Hosting Their Open Weekend Boat Sale

  Laguna Marina is excited to open its doors to the general public for its Open Weekend Boat Sale, featuring some of the finest models in the boating industry.     From the 10th till the 12th December, an elite collection of boating models will be exhibited at Laguna Marina, Malta’s most exclusive boutique marina. The vessels on show will be up […]

Only 11% Of Maltese Waste Is Being Recycled As 88% Goes To Landfills

  The majority of waste in Malta is going to landfills as only 11% is being recycled, as figures by the NSO have revealed.     The latest figures have revealed that in 2020, just under 88% of all waste in Malta – roughly 273,729 tonnes, half of which comes from garbage generated by the […]

A 99-Year-Old Woman Becomes The Oldest Learner Driver

  A 99-year-old British woman has recently become Britain’s oldest learner driver. She proved to all those people giving up on getting their driver’s license that you’re never too old to learn how to drive!   This woman joined the driving lessons with two 96-year-olds who have all applied for their provisional licenses since 2016. […]

Italy Implements New COVID-19 Measures For The Unvaccinated

  People in Italy who have not yet received the jab against coronavirus can no longer go to the theatre, cinemas, live music venues, or any major sporting events under new measures that came into force on Monday.     The only exception that Italy will be making is for those who have recently recovered […]

New Dating App For Unvaccinated People Set To Launch In Australia

    A new dating app specifically for those who refuse to get vaccinated is set to launch in Australia soon. The new app called ‘Pure Match’ has been appearing online promising to be the only dating app for unvaccinated Aussies!     Although 74% of Australia’s population believe in getting jabbed, the minority of […]