The Top Ten Most Popular Movies Revealed By Netflix

  The top 10 most popular movies of all time were revealed by Netflix depending on their level of popularity.   They determined these rankings after taking a look at the total number of hours the movies were viewed based on the first 28 days of being released. Previous research on the top 10 movies […]

Turkish Chef Salt Bae Bashed By Animal Rights Organisation PETA

  The 38-year-old chef, whose real name is Nusret Gökçe, became a meme due to his distinctive seasoning method back in 2017.     Now, Nusret owns a global chain of luxury steakhouses, known for their impressive cuts of meat, extravagant presentation, and eye-wateringly expensive dishes.     View this post on Instagram   A […]

WATCH: Alec Baldwin Says He Doesn’t Feel Responsible For Cinematographer’s Death

  Actor Alec Baldwin says he doesn’t feel guilty over his role in Halyna Hutchin’s death on the set of Rust, claiming that ‘someone else is responsible’ for the fatal shooting.     In his first televised interview since the incident, the actor defended his actions and denied responsibility for the incident, following widespread speculation […]

France Proposes Bill That Would See School Bullies Jailed For Ten Years

  Draft legislation in France wants to make school bullying a criminal offense, with a maximum fine of €150,000 and jail time of up to 10 years.     This was supported by education minister Jean-Michel Blanquer who said it was important to ‘send a strong message’. Roughly one in 10 children experience bullying, which […]

Suspect In Mellieha Arrested After Last Night’s Manhunt

  Following a massive manhunt in Mellieha’s Mizieb woodland, a man was arrested by the police early on Friday.     According to the police, the man – named Aidan Bartolo of Ghaxaq – had been hiding for over six hours among the bushes. He was arrested just after midnight after initially escaping on foot […]

5 Dashing Christmas Cocktails Which Are Simply To Die For

  With Christmas just a few weeks away, these easy-to-make cocktails are the best way to entertain when planning a family party.   Gingerbread Martini     This drink is pretty straightforward, all you need are caramel syrup, vodka, and Bailey’s Irish cream liqueur – or to be more exact: 1 oz Vodka. 2 oz […]

You Can Now Stay In The Legitimate Home Alone House Through AirBnB

  Home Alone is undeniably one of the most renowned Christmas films of all time, and if your holiday wish is to recreate the ‘filthy animal’ scene from the actual house, you’re in luck!     That’s right, you can book a night at Kevin McCallister’s house – the exact house from the film – […]

Here’s How You Can Get Paid To Play Board Games In Your PJ’s This Christmas

  During the Christmas season, it’s usually a tradition to spend hours playing board games with your family. However this year, your competitiveness can actually help you make some money!     The UK-based toy and games company ‘John Adams’ is looking for people willing to get cosy and play family board games at home. […]

‘Untrainable’ Labrador Becomes Fire & Rescue Service Search Dog

  Bailey, a stray Labrador who was described as ‘unruly, untrainable, unsociable, rude and stubborn’ has proven her haters wrong and found a new life as a service dog!     Essex Fire Service dog handler Graham Currie came to the rescue after Dogs Trust in Loughborough called for someone to take Bailey home. In […]

25 Christmas Gift Ideas For Secret Santa

  Secret Santa gift exchanges are always fun, but it can be challenging… especially if it’s someone you barely talk to or know. Luckily, our gift to you is a list of gift ideas that are super cute and within budget.     In case you didn’t know, in the game of Secret Santa, everyone […]

Here’s Why You Have Bizarre & Vivid Dreams After Drinking

  If you ever experienced weird and vivid dreams after a night of drinking, don’t worry, you are definitely not alone…     After several people reported having bizarre dreams after drinking, mattress company Otty decided to explain why. Speaking to The Sun, they said: ‘When you go to bed following a heavy night of […]