What Went Down At The Bay Squid Games

  Arguably Bay’s most epic challenge yet – the Bay Squid Games – has officially come to an end, where only one winner went home with 1000 euros in cash.     From a legitimate red light green light game, a round of tug of war, and musical chairs, to the classic sugar honeycomb challenge […]

Malta Ranks First For E-Government Services in Europe

  The European Commission’s eGovernment Benchmark Reports for 2021 has ranked Malta as the first for online government services in Europe.     The survey looked at 36 countries. Malta scored 96% followed by Estonia, which attained a score of 92%. ‘Their digital government is the most user-centric, transparent, technologically enabled and open to users […]

Man Abandoned As Baby Goes On To Inspire 2 Million Followers Nowadays

  Gabe Adams-Wheatley was abandoned by his birth parents as a baby – but 22 years later, the TikToker is demonstrating his worth…     Over 2 million people on TikTok regularly tune into Gabe as he shares insights into his life – be it in the form of makeup tutorials, storytimes, tales with his […]

Actor Alec Baldwin Being Sued Over ‘Rust’ Shooting

  Alec Baldwin, the film’s assistant director, and the armourer are being sued by a Rust crew member over the lethal shooting of a cinematographer last month.     Hannah Gutierrez-Reed has been named in the negligence suit, after claiming through her legal representatives that she was being ‘framed’ for the death of cinematographer Halyna […]

Archaeologists Unearth Ancient ‘Hangover Prevention’ Ring

  Bloody Marys, pastizzi, and Panadols may come at the top of our “hangover cure” list, but archaeologists over in Israel have discovered a different solution from the past… a gold and purple amethyst ring.     Found in the city of Yavne, the ancient ring was excavated from the site of the Byzantine era’s […]

Applications For Shark Tank Malta Are Now Open

  Shark Tank Malta made its launch during Malta Enterprise’s Start-Up Festival alongside Greatt Company Limited yesterday.     Greatt and Malta Enterprise share a collective vision… On the one hand, Greatt Company Limited ensures to bring quality entertainment to our TV screens, while Malta Enterprise has served as a catalyst in the local business […]

Streaming Service Designed For Dogs Set To Launch

  Dogs give us endless comfort, love and entertainment – so it’s high time for us to do the same!     Say hello to DOGTV, a streaming service designed especially for our furry friends as a means of keeping them company and reducing separation anxiety while their owners are gone.     DOGTV will […]

Top 10 Christmas Movies Being Released This Year

  Everyone’s favourite season is quickly approaching, and though socialising is a big part of the holidays, some of it just needs to be spent chilling on your sofa with a blanket, takeout, and a bunch of other people socialising on your TV screen instead… And with a new year come new Christmas movies so […]

WATCH: Doctor Reveals People With Ginger Hair Have Four Secret ‘Super Powers’

  A doctor has revealed that people with ginger hair have four hidden ‘super powers’ – which you might just recognise in your red-haired friends or yourself!     As Dr. Karan Raj explains, the four powers are: detecting temperature changes, smelling better, making more vitamin D, and having an overall higher pain threshold.   […]

Study Finds Men Experience ‘More Emotional Pain’ Than Women After A Break-Up

    Some of the most iconic moments in television and film have come from leading women going through a breakup… I’m talking about everything from Bridget Jones’ Diary and Katherine Heigl movies to renowned bangers like Celine Dion’s All By Myself and literally any Adele album ever…     You know how it goes […]