This Scientist Is Turning Fat Cells Into Energy-Burning Cells

  Scientists have made a discovery while editing genes wherein fat cells may be turned into energy-burning cells.     Fat cells used for storage were turned into cells that burn energy by CRISPR gene editing, carried out by a group of researchers from UT Southwestern Medical Centre’s Touchstone Diabetes Centre.     The group […]

School Assembly Blames Short Skirts For Sexual Assault

  A headteacher has been forced to apologise after students claimed they’d been told in an assembly that short skirts provoked unwanted sexual attention.     A group of female students at The Elton High School in the UK took to Instagram to express their outrage at an assembly held to discuss rape and sexual […]

Elderly Couple Gets Married After Meeting Online During The Pandemic

  An elderly couple – Jim Adams and Audrey Coutts – got married after meeting online and falling in love during the pandemic.     The two matched on the dating site Silver Singles back in late 2020, months after the pandemic boomed. Sharing to Oprah Daily, Adams remarked: ‘I came across Audrey on my […]

Contractor Who Left Injured Migrant Employee On Pavement Granted Bail

  The contractor accused of dumping a worker who suffered spinal injuries in a fall on the side of the road, Glen Farrugia, has been released on bail.     Farrugia is one of the two shareholders and a director of the company J&G Farrugia Contractors. He was remanded in custody upon arraignment on charges […]

Queen Elizabeth Acknowledges Local Environmental Activist’s Efforts To Clean Up Beaches

  Maltese environmentalist Mark Galea Pace has been recognised by Queen Elizabeth as the Commonwealth Point of Light winner. This comes after Galea Pace collected over 52 bags of rubbish on a 3-day sailing trip!     The recognition is in honour of his ‘exceptional voluntary service’ in advocating environmental awareness whilst managing areas of […]

Andrew Lloyd Webber Hated The Cats Movie So Much, He Got A Dog

  Almost two years since the release of the film adaptation of his musical, Cats, the 73-year-old composer called it ‘off-the-scale all wrong’ during an interview. He hated the film so much, that it actually prompted him to buy a dog…     ‘Cats was off-the-scale all wrong. There wasn’t really any understanding of why […]