Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Cannabis Reform

  It’s time to address the elephant in the room – aka, the highly-anticipated Cannabis reform, which is expected to see quite a few changes that we’re about to delve into…     With the new reform – which was presented to parliament this week – cannabis users will be able to grow a maximum […]

Study Finds Being Around Plants Improves Happiness

  Good news, plant mums and dads – a study has found that house plants can have a positive effect on our lives, boosting happiness and productivity.     Conducted by The Joy Of Plants, a recent study of 2,000 adults determined what the optimum working environment should look like. This involved a good plant […]

UNICEF Reports That 1 In 7 Youths Worldwide Struggle With Their Mental Health

  UNICEF has revealed that at least one youth in seven worldwide in the 10-19 age group struggle with their mental health.     These statistics translate into roughly 89 million boys and 77 million girls. This comes after a report looked into the state of kids and youths across the globe.     The […]

Google Issues Warning After Billions Of Passwords Hacked

  Google has introduced a vital tool to allow users to check if their online details have ever been compromised after billions of passwords for many online accounts have been leaked in recent years.     Say hello to Password Checkup, which can be downloaded on Chrome and scans databases of usernames and passwords that […]

Customs Dog Wins ‘Best Uniformed Dog In Malta’ Award

  Customs dog, Peter, has won the award for the best-uniformed dog during the very first edition of the Malta Animal Honours Award!     The award was organised by the Ministry for Animal Rights and the Commissioner for Animal Protection.     5-year-old Peter was recruited by the Maltese Customs department back in April, […]

A Week Of Rain, Strong Winds & Thunderstorms Expected From Today

    Get your umbrellas and raincoats out ladies and gents, because the Maltese Islands are about to get drenched for the next seven days!     According to the Met Office, rain, strong winds, and thunderstorms are expected every day for the next seven days.     As autumn takes over, temperatures are also […]