Survey Finds 47% Of Dog Owners Experience Separation Anxiety Whilst Away From Pets

  It’s undeniable that some of our beloved canines experience separation anxiety when away from their owners for a long time – but turns out, humans feel the same way!     In a recent CertaPet survey that examined over 2,600 pet owners, nearly half of them (47%%) said they experienced separation anxiety while spending […]

Gaming For 2 Hours Can Burn As Many Calories As 1,000 Sit Ups

  A recent study has revealed how many calories people can burn during a fairly hectic gaming sesh…     Turns out, gaming can shred the calories when you’re particularly focused, committed, and jacked in. As the E-sports platform Stakester shared, gamers can burn up to 420 calories over two hours, which is the equivalent […]

Germany’s Jerome Boateng Fined €1.8M After Being Found Guilty Of Assault

  German football player Jerome Boateng was fined €1.8M after being convicted of assaulting his ex-girlfriend.     Boateng, 33, who is also Germany’s 2014 World Cup winner, was fined on Thursday by a court in Munich after being found guilty of assaulting his former partner three years ago.     This comes after his […]

Here’s Why You Should Check Out This Year’s Malta Pride Concert

  As part of Malta Pride Week, the Allied Rainbow Communities, in collaboration with HSBC, is excited to bring you a one-of-a-kind concert on September 18th at Argotti Gardens in Floriana!     This year’s theme, #YouAreIncluded, celebrates diversion and inclusion – both of which lie at the core of the LGBTIQ+ community featuring various […]

France Set To Offer Free Birth Control To Women

  Free birth control to those who are under 25 and require birth control will be offered in France.     This comes after Health Minister Olivier Veran made an announcement, declaring that as of January 1, 2022, the country will start to offer free birth control to all women up to the age of […]