World Suicide Prevention Week & Why It’s Important

  Today, the 10th of September, marks World Suicide Prevention Day – a day in which people and specialists around the world come together to highlight the importance of working collectively to prevent suicide every day of the year.   Suicide is the most stigmatised of psychological issues – yet it is the number one […]

Egypt’s Suez Canal Blocked For The Second Time This Year

  Boats have been blocked from entering the Suez Canal for the second time this year after a container ship reportedly ran around.     Local media revealed the vessel became stuck at around the 54km point in Egypt’s canal. The Suez Canal Authority was forced to temporarily suspend navigation while work to free the […]

Study Finds Animals Are ‘Shapeshifting’ Due To Global Warming

  A recently published study in the journal Trends in Ecology & Evolution found that warm-blooded animals such as birds and mice are experiencing changes in their beaks, legs, and ears. These bodily changes have been attributed to climate change.     The study was led by Sara Ryding of Deakin University in Australia and […]

Local Cyclist To Attempt World Record To Help Abandoned Animals

  On Tuesday, Maltese cyclist Fabio Spiteri will take on a cycling challenge in a bid to try and break all previous records and collect money for abandoned animals.   Spiteri began this marathon back in 2015 when he cycled the distance in six days. Ever since Spiteri kept doing this challenge in a shorter […]

Coma Survivors Share What It Was Like To ‘Wake Up’

  An interesting Reddit thread has recently resurfaced on the interwebs, revealing what it was like for many users to wake up from a coma – and from the looks of it, it sounds extremely challenging…     The conversation sparked after someone asked, ‘Redditors, who have been in  [a] coma for a long time […]

#YouAreIncluded – Allied Rainbow Communities Launches Malta Pride Week 2021

  The Allied Rainbow Communities and their yearly Malta Pride Week are back and better than ever!     Although the Pride March was cancelled due to the risk of spread, the organisers – alongside other entities – have come together to put up a packed programme of events that celebrate inclusion and diversity, whilst […]