Malta Facing Cyprus Tonight In World Cup Qualifiers Match

  Local football fans, you’re in luck, because Malta is set to face Cyprus tonight in the first home match since the pandemic boomed!   Malta will be facing Cyprus this evening for a World Cup qualifier match at the National Stadium in Ta’ Qali. This will mark the national team’s first home match with […]

Scotland Joins In On Trialling A Four-Day Work Week Without Loss Of Pay

  The Scottish government is expected to launch trials of a four-day working week, with a new survey showing that 80% of workers are all for the idea!     This initiative would see hours reduced by 20% without any loss of pay. Its proponents argue that giving workers an extra day off can help […]

Pope Francis Announces He Will Be Visiting Malta Soon

  On Wednesday, in an interview on a Spanish radio station, Pope Francis announced that he is planning to visit Malta, Greece, and Cyprus.     Close sources have also suggested November 20 and 21 as potential dates for the trip. As he told Cope radio, ‘Slovakia is (already) on the programme, then Cyprus, Greece […]