4 Moments All Maltese Travellers Can Relate To

  Although summer may slowly be coming to an end, many Maltese are still booking tickets abroad to escape these scorching heatwaves. And to be honest, who can blame them? So, with tickets in hand and travel plans in mind, here are the most relatable moments that every Maltese traveller experiences!   Clapping When The […]

WATCH: Man Shares Plane Crash Survivor Story on TikTok

  Debunking the claims of TikToker Sugene, comedian and TikToker Ryan Kelly took to TikTok to share the story of how he survived a plane crash.     This all happened after ‘Conspiracy Tok’ creator Sugene posted a TikTok with advice related to surviving a plane crash, saying that her procedures would ‘save your life […]

NASA Discovers Black Hole 7,800 Light Years Away From Earth

  NASA has impressively managed to capture footage of a black hole 7,800 light-years from Earth, which is being likened to a stargate.     A stargate is considered to be a device or portal which can transport a person to another location light-years away in almost the blink of an eye. Anyone else getting […]

New Study Finds Kittens See Their Human Owners ‘As Parents’

  We all know that cats aren’t as warm-loving towards their owners as dogs are, but it turns out that some are just as attached as babies and dogs are! Ain’t that cute?     Anyways… a study conducted at Oregon State University and published in the academic journal Current Biology looked into how kittens […]