Solar Panels To Be Fitted On Top Of Route Buses To Reduce Carbon Footprint

  On Monday, Transport Minister Ian Borg announced that solar panels will be installed on top of route buses in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint from vehicle emissions.     Borg added that €40 million in EU funds will be used for this purpose. This came alongside the inauguration of a pilot project […]

WATCH: Disabled Cat Takes His First Steps

  Grab your tissues because a rescue cate who lives with a neurological condition has taken his first steps, thanks to a brand-new set of wheels!   @boscoandkoby you’ve seen it here first. kobys first steps • #kobythechkitty #hotwheels #imsoproudofyou #progress ♬ im so proud of you – nira   Meet Koby, a grey tabby […]

United Nations Warns About Climate Change Report As ‘Code Red For Humanity’

  On Monday, the world’s leading climate scientists delivered their bleakest warning yet about the increasing climate emergency, projecting climate changes to increase across all regions in the coming decades…     The report warns that limiting global warming to close to 1.5°C or even 2°C above pre-industrial levels ‘will be beyond reach’ in the […]

Local Pharmacies Running Out Of Popular Medicines As Brexit Takes Its Toll

  The impacts of the UK’s departure from the EU are now being felt on Malta’s medicine chest, as pharmacies are running out of popular products like Nurofen, Solpadeine, Rennies, Panadol Advance, and more…     Since the UK is now considered a third country by the EU and is no longer part of the […]

Malta Is Heading Towards Animal Kill Shelters

  The Animal Welfare Commissioner Alison Bezzina has claimed that the sale and purchase of any animal, should be taxed and regulated more strictly in order to keep the expanding pet population under control. Due to a significant increase in stray animals, she warned that if the situation does not improve quickly, Malta may have […]