Here Are 5 Secluded Beaches In Malta You Should Check Out

  You’re on a holiday, or maybe it is the weekend and after a long week at work, you decide to unwind and relax at the beach. You deserve it after all.     Turns out, the beach is swamped with sun-burnt tourists and screaming children. But don’t you worry, not every beach is like that […]

Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Malta

  If you’re a tourist planning on visiting Malta or maybe a fellow Malteser that is not feeling patriotic enough, this may just help you appreciate Malta a bit more!     From our exquisite cuisine to our cultural heritage, there is a lot to this tiny island that we tend to take for granted, […]

Nannas Are Gaming To Get Closer To Their Grandchildren

  Lockdown’s tough on all of us, and grandparents didn’t get it much easier either. Unfortunately, a lot of them had to isolate themselves from their families to stay safe from the spread of Covid. However, this particularly advanced granny has found a way to connect with her grandchildren, despite lockdown!     Introducing Vandra, […]