Man Creates AI Of Dead Fiancée To Chat

  I am pretty sure I wasn’t the only one that got crept out in that Black Mirror episode where a young woman recreates her boyfriend through artificial intelligence…     I thought it was a scary concept to bring someone from the dead like that. However, a man in the US has created an […]

Pollution Turns Argentina Lagoon Bright Pink

  I know what you’re thinking… the lagoon looks cool, kind of cute and very much intriguing. And while I do agree with all of these things, unfortunately, this sight comes with a cost.     This lagoon, situated in the Patagonia region of Argentina, has turned bright pink due to a number of pollutants. […]

This Couple’s Anniversary Dinner Got Crashed By A Nude Cruise

  The anniversary of UK residents John Wood and his wife was quite interestingly interrupted by a boat-load of nudists during their celebration dinner. I’m completely sure that when the couple booked a table with a view, they were never expecting this…     As they were enjoying their dinner, the annual Nude Cruise hosted […]