COVID-19 ‘Linked To Male Infertility’

  Doctors believe there is a relationship between Covid-19 and erectile dysfunction, and anecdotal evidence suggests that a rising number of men infected with the virus are experiencing the problem. However, COVID-19 vaccinations do not induce erectile dysfunction or male infertility, contrary to popular belief on social media. Studies have shown that SARS-CoV-2, the virus […]

Police Finds Cat Home Alone Blasting Music

  Have you heard of the term “party animal” before? Well, this cat from Spain put a whole new meaning to it.     After hearing what they thought was a rowdy party in their neighbour’s unit, residents at the Ronda das Fontias apartment, resorted to calling the police to report it.   The neighbours […]

Britney Spears’ Topless Video Is Raising Hacking Concerns

Britney Spears’ recent posts on social media has fans worried only weeks after she made a dramatic court speech addressing the sensitive facts of her conservatorship. While much of Spears’ recent online activity has provided new insight into what goes on behind the scenes in her personal life, her most recent sequence of posts have […]

Joe Biden Wants To Pay People $100 To Get Vaccinated

  In an effort to address declining vaccination rates amid viral outbreaks, US President Joe Biden has urged for governments to provide $100 (€84) to newly vaccinated people. The president also announced a rigorous new immunization mandate for US government employees, who make up the country’s largest workforce with over two million employees.     […]

Man Discovers That His Wife Is Cheating On Him via Netflix

  While Netflix is a wonderful source of enjoyment, it can also be a source of conflict. Whether it’s because you’ve given your login to too many people or because you didn’t keep your promise to watch the next episode of your favourite series together.     I know what you’re thinking, sounds a bit […]

Carla Scicluna Finishes Fourth In Olympic 100-metre Heat

After finishing fourth in her preliminary round race at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics on Friday, Malta’s Olympic sprinter Carla Scicluna advanced to the 100 meters first round heats.     Scicluna finished with in the preliminary round with a timing of 12.11 seconds, following Indonesia’s Alvin Tehupeiory, Malawi’s Asimenye Simwaka and Joella Lloyd from Antigua […]