Lilibet Diana Has Officially Been Added To The Royal Line Of Succession

  Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s daughter, Lilibet Diana, has been officially added to the royal line of succession — seven weeks after her birth in California.     The official Royal.UK website was updated on Monday to show Lilibet as eighth in line to the British throne. This is one place behind her big […]

Language Schools May Reopen With Special Permission According To New Law

  The health authorities can now give language schools the go-ahead to reopen if the exclusion from the closure rules is ‘deemed necessary or essential’ by the Superintendent of Public Health, aka Charmaine Gauci.     This came in a new legal notice published on Monday, outlining changes to rules. The government had ordered the […]

Olympic Champion Tom Daley Hopes To Inspire The LGBT Community With His Win

  Olympic champion Tom Daley, 27, has spoken out about how proud he feels to be a gay man AND a first-time Olympic gold medalist. This is Daley’s first win since his Olympic debut in 2008.     Daley won gold alongside fellow diver Matty Lee. The pair achieved first place in the men’s synchronised […]

Spain Bans People From Sleeping Together Due To Covid Spike

  A Spanish region, Murcia, has decided to double down on its COVID-19 restrictions, with residents being banned from sleeping together if they don’t live in the same household.     This comes after a sudden surge in coronavirus cases. So, in an effort to curb the spread of the virus, the local government has […]

Maltese Ranked As Second Largest Drinkers Of Soft Drinks In The EU

  Statistics have found that the Maltese are the second largest people in the EU who consume ‘soft drinks’ with only the Belgians drinking more soft drinks than us.     This emerges from statistics published by Eurostat, which have been compiled based on information collected in 2019. The survey shows that 9% of those […]