Top US Priest Resigns Over Grindr Hook-ups

  A top US priest has resigned from his administrative job after being accused of being a frequent user of the gay hookup app, Grindr…     Jeffrey Burrill, who was elected as the general secretary of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops last November, resigned from his job due to this situation.     […]

High-Security Prison Inmates Demand Pizza As Ransom For Guard Hostages

  Two Swedish inmates, serving their sentence for murder in a high-security prison, held two prison guards hostage and demanded a pizza as ransom.     As bizarre as this sounds, I wish I was making this up. Here is how the story unfolded:     The two prisoners, armed with razor blades, broke their […]

Did You Know Water Bottles Could Be The Key To Surviving A Heatwave? Here’s How

  Heatwaves suck, and we Maltese are usually no strangers to blistering heat in the summer. This year especially, it’s practically been non-stop heatwaves so far, reaching as high as 40°C. Well, I’ve got something that might interest you.     For those of you that have been chugging down bottles of ice-cold water, sitting […]

You Can Now Get Married In Space – No, Really!

  Everyone dreams of the perfect wedding day; something special, memorable, and out of this world. Well, Florida-based company Space Perspective has taken the ‘out of this world’ aspect of weddings quite literally!     As of 2024, couples can start booking to have their weddings in outer space! Space Perspective, led by Jane Poynter […]