Pornhub Being Sued By Museums For Kinkily Recreating Famous Works Of Art

  Pornhub is being sued shortly after launching an app named ‘Show Me Nudes’, which transforms classic art pieces into porn…     It is undeniable that the most prestigious of galleries are flooded with nude pieces, some even erotic, but Pornhub had plans to change that with the app. For instance, Venus of Urbino […]

Longer PE Lessons Suggested To Fight Childhood Obesity

  Professor Alfred Gatt, who works in paediatric care, is urging the education authorities to not only increase the number of PE lessons but to make these longer and more intense in an effort to help tackle Malta’s problem with obese children.     Profs. Gatt has concluded this study jointly between the University of […]

Paralympian Hits Back At Critics Who Branded Her Briefs As ‘Too Short’

  Earlier this week, Paralympian Olivia Breen was subject to controversy after she shared a story of how an English Championships official declared her briefs were ‘short and inappropriate’…     The 24-year-old with cerebral palsy explained on social media that she has been wearing the same briefs for years and plans on wearing them […]

Maltese Man Tries To Pay Fine With One Cent Coins

  A Maltese man went to the Naxxar Local Council to pay off a €23.29 fine from LESA – except he curiously tried to do so with a bag full of coins, all 2,389 of them…   Pretty hilarious, right? But the attempt soon blew up in his face and landed him in the police […]

Catcalling and Wolf-Whistling Could Be Made Illegal in England and Wales

Under measures to make the streets safer, public sexual harassment such as wolf-whistling and catcalling might become a crime.     Proposed by government plans, this shall be made illegal in England and Wales. It is part of a larger strategy to combat violence against women and girls (VAWG).   The VAWG strategy will also […]