App Rewards Drivers For Ignoring Their Phones

  How many times have your guardians or significant other told you to “drive safe”? Maybe one too many times. And while we reassure our loved ones we will drive safe, accidents still happen. It is heartbreaking to see people losing their lives especially for reasons such as using your phone whilst driving.   According […]

Check Out Some Of The Hottest Tats Of 2021

  It is Tattoo Day and what better way to kick off the day than by giving you some tattoo inspo? From line work to realism, traditional, hand-poked and more, this tiny island has a lot of talent and skills to offer!     We gathered a few of our favourite pieces that might just […]

Study Says That Eating Meat Makes Men Feel More Manly

  Men eat meat to conform to masculine stereotypes, according to a study carried out by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).     After studying 1,706 American men aged 18 – 88, the University study concluded that men eating meat can be seen as an attempt to appear masculine, which totally isn’t going […]

Millenials Offered 28,000 Euros To Live In Italian Villages

  Villages in Italy are offering to pay millennials 28,000 Euros to go and live there. Don’t bother pinching yourself, this is real!     Due to massive rates of depopulation, with young adults heading off to bigger towns and cities to look for more opportunities, a number of villages in the south of Italy […]

This Company Will Pay You £24k Just To Play With Puppies All Day

  Are you a dog person? Need some extra cash? Well, we might just have the perfect job for you!     This company is recruiting anyone who is willing to spend their days playing with puppies, earning £24,000 per year. Sound like a pretty good deal to me. is a website […]