Ban On Unvaccinated Travelers Eased, Mandatory Quarantine Imposed Instead

Malta has relaxed its prohibition on unvaccinated visitors, instead forcing them to undergo obligatory quarantine upon arrival. The agreement comes only hours before the new limitations were set to take effect, and it comes after the European Commission criticized them as discriminatory. On Tuesday evening, an official legal notification announcing the change was released:   […]

WATCH: Fleet Of UFOs Spotted Surrounding The International Space Station

A ‘fleet of UFOs’ may have been spotted during a livestream from the International Space station, according to a UFO hunter. Tin-Foil hats at the ready, let’s break this down. While watching a livestream from the International Space Station (ISS) on July 3rd, UFO Hunter ‘Jeff’ (who, like any good conspiracy theorist, only goes by […]

Super Mario 64 Sold For 1.3 Million Euros

25 years after it’s first release, a mint condition copy of Super Mario 64 was sold at an auction for just under a hefty 1.3 Million Euro. With such a large price tag, this event has earned itself the title of most expensive video game sale in history. Before this, the record was held by […]

5-Year-Old Maltese Girl Dies After Testing ‘Mildly Reactive’ For Covid-19

A 5-year-old Maltese girl tragically lost her life on Sunday, with health authorities investigating the link of the death with COVID-19. After having a fever the day before, the small child died at home on Saturday afternoon. She was brought to Mater Dei Hospital in a serious condition and died after getting CPR a short […]

Nicki Minaj Hints That A Fifth Album Could Be On Its Way

  Nicki Minaj has offered fans an update on her upcoming album, stating that Queen Radio might have just found its new home!   Nicki Minaj hinted at BIA as being one of the features on her fifth studio album during Instagram Live. #NM5 — Buzzing Pop (@BuzzingPop) July 9, 2021   You heard […]

French President Makes Vaccination Mandatory For Healthcare Workers

  French President Emmanuel Macron gave a televised address on Monday. Given the surge of the Delta variant in the country, Macron announced further measures to slow the spread of the infectious variant and outlined plans to make vaccination compulsory for health workers…     Macron began by urging citizens to get vaccinated, stating, ‘If […]

Chris Fearne Announces Mobile Vaccination Clinic To Be Set Up By Mid-July

  Health Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne took to Twitter to announce that a mobile COVID-19 vaccination clinic will be set up and will thereafter visit several locations in the coming days…   Starting next week a mobile #vaccination clinic will be visiting different locations:Monday 19th: #Mosta Wednesday 21st: #Zejtun Friday 23rd: #StJulians […]