Netflix Set To Launch Immersive ‘Stranger Things’ Experience

  Netflix and event discovery platform Fever have teamed up to deliver a one-of-a-kind, all-new immersive experience based entirely on Stranger Things!     Following last year’s Stranger Things drive-in theme park in LA, the upcoming experience will allow guests to embark on an adventure through the darker side of Hawkins…     The new […]

It’s Now Illegal In Norway To Post Unlabelled, Edited Photos on Social Media

  In an effort to address society’s long-held body image issues, Norway has recently introduced a law addressing photo modification and editing…     The new legislation requires content creators to indicate whether a photo has been edited or even if it has a simple filter on it. This further helps combat body dysmorphia that […]

Here Are 5 Hikes To Try Out In Gozo

  Planning a weekend adventure to Gozo? We got you covered!   There is always something new to discover when hiking in Gozo, be it within valleys, around the hills, along the coastlines, or secret underwater caves, the views, and atmosphere are breathtaking… All of them with their own story to tell and a story […]