90% Of Households Increased Their Calorie Intake During The Pandemic, Study Finds

  Nine out of ten British households consumed extra calories during the pandemic, according to a study which showed that people had more takeaways and bought more from the supermarket.     Everything indicates point towards increased home working as a factor in driving higher calorie consumption.     This could exacerbate the challenge of […]

Early 90s Bill Gates Enjoyed Nude Pool Parties And ‘Happier Drunk’

  Apparently 90s Bill Gates used to enjoy nude pool partying, multiple insider have noted.   In fact, these insiders are the Biographer James Wallace and former gossip columnist Robert X. Cringely and they further stated that Gates’ life differs from his public image.     When Gates wasn’t working his 17 hour days at […]

Ariana Grande To Give Away $2 Million Worth Of Therapy

  Mental health is talked about on a daily basis, but what about the accessibility of therapy?      Therapy has always been a difficult subject to talk about; either because you do not wish to admit you go to therapy or because you cannot afford it. Ariana Grande is helping her fans to overcome […]

Ashley Tisdale’s Daughter In Love With Her High School Musical Co-Star

  It was a love at first sight!   High School Musical star herself, Ashley Tisdale, opened up during an interview about the surreal moment when her long time best friend Vanessa Hudgens got to meet her 3-month-old daughter, Jupiter Iris.     Tisdale recalls, that it was a really cool and awesome experience with […]

Nearly 2,000 Covid Cases Linked To Scotland Football Matches

    Around 2,000 covid-19 cases were identified by the Health Authorities in Scotland in the wake of the England – Scotland EURO 2020 match.     The public health authorities stated that out of the 1,991 new cases, two-thirds of them, around 1,327 cases have  travelled to London to watch the game on June […]

Prince William And Prince Harry To Honor Mum On 60th Birthday

  Princess Diana will be honoured as never before on July 1, 2021.   This date marks the late royal’s 60th birthday and it also marks the day that Prince William and Prince Harry will unveil a statue as a tribute to her life — a statue of Diana, Princess of Wales.     Despite […]